Simplifying the digital business journey for small businesses

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You’ve got the idea, found a place in the market but where do you start to set things off on the right foot. 

I help start-ups and small businesses ready to step-up and harness digital tools to run and grow their business.

Hi, I'm Kate

..and I’ll be your digital business partner.

I’m a web designer, all-round technology nerd, small business advocate and passionate about seeing new ideas and startups not be held back by technology.

I’ll help you find a solution for your unique business needs.
I’ll support you to implement your digital solution
I’ll keep you accountable as you grow your digital business 
I’ll help you bring it to life.


Let me guide you through a set of digital tools or a new website that will achieve what you and your customers need.

Knowledge Centre

Ensuring your digital tools are working FOR you, not causing more work is crucial to small business success. 

I have learned so many snippets of gold along my digital business journey. I’ve started capturing them to share with lady startups like you. 

Tips, tricks and tutorials on some of my favourite tools, to help you maximise your efforts and precious time every day.

Digital Business Coaching

I would love to support you to navigate your digital business set-up. I‘ll help you identify which key digital tools will enhance your customers and your own business experience and which you can ignore for now.

I’ll can help you develop a roadmap for your business’s digital experience, now and into the future.

I can also help with the doing, setting-up tools and automation, if this will assist you focus on the ‘doing’.

Websites for Small Business

I draw on years of experience from working as a web designer and front-end web developer. I‘ve designed, built and launched dozens of websites, and seen first-hand the challenges that small business owners face when working through a website project.

If you‘re planning a new website, a revamp of an existing site, I can help with timely and practical advice, for your DIY efforts or how to work with a developer to smooth out.


for tips and tricks for digital business success delivered to your mailbox occasionally. 

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…and get your digital game together. 

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