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The Design School Masterclass

I just wanted to share how happy we are with the work done for us by Kate at Gold B Digital. Kate's commitment and dedication to successfully launch our new online course is evident all aspects of the final product. Whilst we appreciate Kate's obvious IT skills, it is her calm and confident manner [when we are freaking out] that really sets her apart. We are excited to see how the great partnership between Design School and Gold B Digital develops in the future. Thanks Kate, we are so glad we found you!

Jenna Densten & Design School Team

What we did

Jenna and her mum and business partner Jo have a successful Interior Design training school – Design School  in Victoria, Australia. 

Jenna approached Gold B Digital (while juggling a fresh days-old bubba) to help bring her vision of an online version of her design class to life. This online course would complement their accredited in-person interior design courses. 

We used the Kajabi platform to bring a interior design Masterclass course, landing page and email sequences. We created a 6 module course using videos and high-quality PDFs.  

Jenna naturally has high standards of design, so bringing this website to life had meet those expectations.  

With a successful pre-launch period (with the help of The Digital Picnic), the course launched in March 2020, with the first round students providing raving reviews. 

We’ve since launched second course based on the most popular Styling module launched in April 2020 exceeding the enrolment expectations of all involved. A third is also in the works (shhhhh).

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