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How to create an Instagram landing page

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Ditch Linktree - Make your own Instagram landing page

Instagram is the social media platform of the moment, no question. It is certainly key for many small businesses, and if you’re using it – you need to make sure you maximise the platform for your business.

Unlike other social media platforms – Instagram only give you ONE active link. this link in your bio is main highway for your audience to find your product or content across your preferred channel. What to do with the one treasured link? 

Firstly – using this space to continue reenforcing your brand – having your own web address on display is key – don’t waste that space with someone else’s link or some random junk. 

Link to your website? Is your website mobile friendly? How many clicks is it to find that recent blog post, or that specific product range? 

The answer – a Instagram landing page. This is not a new thing – there is a platform called Linktr.ee that will do this for you for free, however, unless you pay for the premium membership – their branding will be included on your page (not very professional looking) and you only have a simple range of colour/style options. 

Check out how I do it. 

Time to make this a thing on your own website, for free – with your own branding! (I use WordPress but this would work with any web platform)

  1. In your website back end, create a new page and call it something simple like ‘Instagram’  or ‘Hello’ or ‘Start Here’ remembering this page title will likely make up the URL displayed on IG.  In my example above I have www.goldb.digital/start-here 
  2. If you can, remove the existing header and footer. This will give you a simpler, cleaner page that wont distract your audience from the next action you want them to take.
    • In WordPress (WP),  how to do this is theme dependent. Some themes allow you hide the header/footer on a page basis. If available – it will be on the page edit screen.
    • If you’re using Elementor in WP, jump down below and I’ll show you how to do it in a little video  😉 
    • Squarespace tips
    • Wix tips
  3. Remember we are making a mobile first (if not only) page. 
  4. Add your logo to the top of the page, like in my example. This reenforces your brand the second they land on your landing page. 
  5. Add a series of button or links below this. Link to your key content, your blog, your key products, your contact form. Keep it to around 6 links max. I’ve used my key products Websites & Photography as well as two key blog posts that are popular with my audience. Don’t forget your contact page. 
  6. Style these links/buttons to work on the simple landing page style. 
  7. Use icons to simply link to other social channels if you wish.
  8. Keep the background/style simple. Reflect your brand but don’t try to include everything!
  9. Test test test – please check this page on your mobile before you move it live. 
  10. Add the new url to your instagram. as it is a dedicated landing page – you can change these links around whenever you need to without messing with your website heirachy

Remove header and footer in WordPress with Elementor

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