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How to add Gold B Digital as an ADMIN user of your WordPress site

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I will need ADMIN access to your existing WordPress website to have the access I need to fix, update or overhaul your website. 

It’s best practice to add someone as an admin user, rather than give them your password, this way, you are able to remove their access if you wish at a later stage. 

It’s easy to do: 

1. Log into your WordPress site as an administrator. This is likely your main log in details. 

2. On the left hand side, go to USERS > Add User

3. Add the following details

a. Username: Gold B Digital
b. Email Address:  Tech@goldb.digital
c. Keep the checkbox ticked, to send me the new details. 
d. Change the access role to ADMINISTRATOR

4. Click ‘Add New User’.

5. I’ll receive an email that prompts me to set a password and then grants me access to your website. 


Now we’re ready to go!

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