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Customer Service


How I work

To get the best out of our time working together, please review and familiarise yourself with my Customer Service Charter.

It is best to manage everyone’s expectations before committing to a working relationship. If the following processes won’t work for your business or working style, we mightn’t be the right fit – and that’s ok.

Here’s how I work…


I work a wide range of hours, that aren’t always neatly scheduled. As a working mamma I’m fortunate to work around my family which means school hours some days, late nights and early mornings other days. This means I may not always be immediately responsive.

I also like to batch my work, so sometimes I’m deep in a project and less responsive to non-related email, other times I’m in business admin mode and will power through my inbox and you’ll get a few responses at a time.

This means that it can be up to 48 hours before you might receive a response from me. 

I am committed to deliver all projects within our agreed time frames and will let you know if any deadlines look like not being met.

If we need to make time to chat, I’m generally available Thursdays and Fridays 9am -2.30pm AEST for appointments. However, due to time differences and my flexible schedule I’m sometimes available outside these times if planned in advance. 

Availability for phone/video calls can be viewed via www.goldb.digital/booking.

If you’re based in Canberra, I’d love to catch up for a coffee and discuss things face to face! So reach out and let me know!

It’s best to communicate through email and this gives me a chance to digest your email and respond or action accordingly. You can generally expect me to respond within 48 hours (often quicker if it just requires a short response).

Once we’re in our project window, I will often file your emails that don’t require immediate action and digest them when I’m sitting down to work on your project, so I keep context and can digest all the information and content at once. So don’t panic if you don’t hear from me straight away.

Of course, if you have an urgent* issue you may call and leave a message that I will generally respond to within a couple of hours.

Best contact details

Emailclients@goldb.digital – generally up to 48 hours response.
Urgent calls: 0403 688 610 – generally a 2 hours response.

It’s best not to SMS me about your project as it’s hard to keep all project communication in one easy to access place.

*Urgent issues include your website doesn’t work at all aka won’t load, your e-commerce’s unable to transact etc.



It is important to discuss and maintain our timeline. This helps bring your project to life in a timely manner (we all hate projects that drag out months and months) and helps me dedicate valuable time with you and each of my clients fairly.

I usually work to a 2 or 4 week development window. Depending on your project size, these goals are easily deliverable if we work to an agreed timeline.

It is important that you make yourself ‘available’ during your project window – to be responsive to questions, requests for feedback or additional content. Delays from your end may require a re-booking fee.



Most of my costs are project based, so you’ll know all the project costs before we begin work.

Once we chat and go over your project scope, I will provide you with a project quote and scoping document. It is important once we get started that any additional ideas you have and add-ones you’d like to do are carefully managed. I will let you know if there will be any additional costs for these ideas or features as well as any time implications.

I will try to include them in the initial build where I can however, sometimes new ideas need to be implemented as a 2nd phase to your project, in order to not blow out your project window for you or me.

Payments for most projects are expected as follows:
  • 25% upfront non refundable deposit to confirm booking
  • 50% when your project commences, before any work will commence. 
  • 25% upon completion before project moves to a live environment

I may offer a 5% discount for payments made in full at the commencement of projects.

Work on your project will not commence until the payments are made and if there are significant delays, re-booking fees may be applied to your project. Your website will also not go live until the final payment is made.

Re-booking fees will be equivalent to 25% of your project costs.

Payment options

Gold B Digital accepts payment via Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. 

Fees for support work

Each project we work on together includes training and 30 days support to iron out any kinks. After that time support for things like trouble shooting, process refinement, content updates/additions will be charged at the following rates:

  • Ad-hoc support will take 7-14 days to complete is charged at $150/hr with one hour minimum.
  • Urgent support is required within 24hours and will be charged at $250/hr with a one hour minimum.

Website care plans are also available where i will keep your site up to date, secure and backed up, as well as included tech support time for a monthly fee.



As a part of working with Gold B Digital, you will have access to a Client Portal. The client portal can be accessed anytime, using the link sent to you in your welcome email, as well as via the bottom of my website/emails.

This is a really handy place, where you will find all of your documents that I’ve sent, including:

  • Forms you need to complete as well a completed form for our records)
  • Invoices for easy payment details (you can also download invoice in PDF for your own records)
  • Documents (including this welcome pack for future reference)
  • Important email communication
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