Hello and Welcome

I’m Kate!

I’m a tech-nerd and creative soul all rolled in together. I have a higher than average tolerance for technology and persist long after most people have given up or lost all their hair.

I’m a Web Designer and have recently taken on the role of Digital Business Mentor because I’ve seen way too many business owners struggling with their digital set-up.

I’ve helped so many people already sort out their digital world, from making them a website, helping them finish a website they started themselves, automate their marketing or assisting with a new back-end digital business process.

And I’ve done so willingly because I have no secrets to keep – I want everyone to do well! I believe with the right tools, guidance and support your business can thrive online.

So whether you want my support while you do it yourself, or maybe you just want me to do it for you – we can work together on your digital business and let you get on with your core business.

How did I get here?

It started almost 10 years ago when I was pursuing photography as a possible career change and built my first website. One website lead to another and then one for a friend and another. Soon enough I was addicted. I learnt as I went. Made a million mistakes, learnt easier ways every time and am now in a position that I have a swiss army knife of tools and knowledge that I can call upon.

My love of all things digital (which extends beyond websites) has seen me take on more and more work outside of websites and support businesses in all things digital. I have the patience to teach and love watching people grow their confidence and embrace the digital world – and in turn, grow their business. 

I’ve with in and with businesses my whole career, starting as soon as I left school, managing a small business for a local businessman while studying business management. I’ve since combined that with studying graphic design and a corporate career in marketing and communications.  I’ve had my own small business on and off for a number of years – with some successes and some failures. Yep… I’ll admit to my failures, but in both my successes and failures I’ve learnt so much over and over again. 

I’m a jack-of-all trades which is essential when it comes to running a small business.