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About Kate

Welcome, Im Kate

I’m a tech-nerd and creative soul rolled in one. This means I have a higher than average tolerance for technology and a passion for developing beautiful and unique products.

I am a mum of a busy family, I have learnt to be a master juggler to keep it all going. Having a background in Government project management and communications serving small businesses over the last 15+ years, I have been able to combine this with my creativity and technical skills into developing integrated digital solutions.

I’m a Web Designer and Digital Business Mentor, and I’m passionate about helping business owners struggling with their digital set-up to give them more time to focus on growing their business.

I’ve already helped so many people already sort out their digital world, from making them a website, helping them finish a website they started themselves, automate their marketing or assisting with a new back-end digital business process.

I began to specialise in memberships and online courses as I saw a need for more support in more than ‘just a website’. The growth potential from offering one-to-many is an opportunity for so many businesses and doing it right from day one, so you can concentrate on creating content and serving your community. 


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